"as above so below"
as within so without

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  My practice is based on the understanding we must consider we are firmly rooted on the earth with the ability to open ourselves to express the cosmos. We each have our own set of blueprints to assist in navigating our lives based on the time and place of birth. The tool of astrology allows us to understand our uniqueness and the cosmic timing of the path we're on. How we personally use it is up to us. It is ultimately about free will and acting within the parameters of our individual understanding however astrology can assist in using the trends in the best way possible.   Imagine the engineered drawing of an automobile; after being built some will accelerate more easily, some will have a better turning radius, some can handle the rugged road but are not as comfortable, some have great gas mileage and are not as luxurious . .. . you get the picture. You are the driver. Your life expression cannot express without you.  

Dianna McBride

 The language of astrology has unfolded in me since childhood and as my life progresses, many of the unending dimensions of the tool have been learned and revealed in my particular area of knowledge and understanding. Being familiar with many spiritual and energetic practices I've never considered the stars as the only tool and include my intuitive understanding of several principles in my interpretation. It's never about the circumstances but how we react and process them - all of it ultimately for our soul growth. I don't do predictions or forecasting. I do tune into your "vehicle" and can discuss how you are "engineered," trends, what you can focus on to assist you in trying times along with when the cycle will shift.  Without soul growth and personal evolution there is no meaning.

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Awareness is the first step toward mastery.  I suggest you close your eyes and ask yourself if I can be helpful with what you're looking for - if you are compelled to schedule with me I am pleased to receive your request. dmcbride480@gmail.com

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Email directly to dmcbride480@gmail.com with your date, time and location of birth with the requested service. Your questions prior to scheduling are also welcome. In the future there may be specials and newletters if you're interested in signing up below

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